Double Duel (2)

Kaiba used the Ring of Destruction in this episode, however in the GBA games the card is called Bell of Destruction. The card was changed because Bell of Destruction features a ring made up of hand grenades, and replaced by red and fire flames.

When Kaiba was saved from Yami’s Kuriboh, multiply was supposed to be a quick-play magic card and last for only one turn. But through the magic of anime, it stays.

*Marik’s voice, ugh I’m not getting into it!* When he puts on his act, his alias was Namu, and puts on a sweet voice to Jounouchi and Anzu. His ‘sweet’ voice was made by the same guy who does Yugi.

People, you missed some good bitchslaps going around. Jounouchi really fought the Rare Hunters in the Jap. They even punched Marik in the stomach to make it look real.

They changed Anzu’s cell phone tone to something else. Originally, it was the 3rd opening for YGO; ‘Shuffle’. The dubbers even left Shuffle on the previous episodes.

In the card game, Mask of Restrict prevents all players from tributing any monsters for any purpose, however in the show Mask of Restrict only prevents Yugi and Kaiba from tributing their own monsters. It doesn’t prevent Umbra and Lumis performing tributes, nor does it prevent Yugi and Kaiba from tributing Umbra and Lumis’s monsters.

Yami calls the (Japanese) Glifer Devil, the Beast of Glifer.

If anyone has the DVD like I do they call BEWD, green eyes they’re not all wrong because the English subtitles are translated from the Chinese. And the word ‘green’ in Chinese is ‘blue’ in Japanese.