Double Duel (1)

Yugi said that nobody could attack until everybody had drawn at least one card, however the actual Tag Team rule (even in the show) is that nobody can attack during their first turn. That’s why Kaiba made the comment at the end of his turn about seeing who’s strategy would be best.

When Mokuba was screaming for help to his brother, in the Japanese version, you didn’t hear nothing from him.

In the Japanese version, they introduce themselves as the Mask of Light and Darkness.

The loser will be sent to the Shadow Realm…Pshh…Shadow Realm my ASS! The losers would be a bloody death!

In the Japanese version, the Rare Hunters said they couldn’t summon any Gods because the system was setup not to summon Gods. Haha…but watch part 4. Well, they screwed up on that.

The LP boxes were replaced, originally they were explosives.

The magic card Masquerade that Umbra had was covered by a bright light to seal her breasts.