Mime Control (3)

Kaiba told Yugi that running away from a challenge was a breach of Battle City rules, however he ran from Jounouchi’s challenge during the previous episode.

Instead of encouraging Yugi to duel, the dubs made Kaiba such a jerk, reason why I dislike dubs.

When Yami is on his knees, he says ‘Kaiba’ twice, you can find that when Yami answers his question about backing away from a duel, not saying “Never.”

Despite what people are trying to argue, Brain Control was activated during Yugi’s turn and only lasted for one turn, however in that turn Revival Jam’s effect was used multiple times (obviously allowed under anime rules). The whole point of that combo was that Yugi’s turn didn’t end, it never got to be Marik’s next turn after Yugi activated the card.