Mime Control (1)

In the Japanese, Yugi was talking about how happy he was finding the Pharaoh and couldn’t made friends with the gang without him.

The Wadjet Eye doesn’t appear until Strings runs to find Yugi. In the dub, it’s on his forehead, and is shined with a bright light.

The part where Yugi said, “Yeah, you tell him Yami.” About taking his Millennium Puzzle, Yugi was really warning him about his God Card. With this line he replies back to Yugi “Pish, I can defeat God.” *Sorry, I like that quote!*

When Strings fuses his Worm Drake and Humanoid Slime, it shows the picture of the De-Fusion card instead of the Polymerization card.

When Yugi first summons Gazelle, its DEF is shown as 2100 instead of 1200.

In the anime, Marik’s organization was known as GURUS and some of its operatives were known as Rare Hunters. However in the dub, the name GURUS has been dropped.