Playing With a Parasite (2)

Insect Queen’s card was yellow, the color of a normal monster, when it should have been orange to show that it was an effect monster.

When Haga’s Cockroach Knight is fed to the Insect Queen for the first time, it shows Leghul being eaten instead.

When Gearfried attacked the last of the insect eggs, Jounouchi called it Gearfried.

In the Japanese version, Parasite Paracide has a man’s face in the background, inside of his mouth is the monster.

One of the scenes in the hospital shows Haga’s LP drop to zero on the laptop screen before then rising back up again. This could be because in the Japanese version the laptop displayed the stats of the monster in play and at the time Haga had no monster on the field.

One of the scenes after Jounouchi defeats the Ultimate Great Moth, it shows the Parasite Paraside card on Haga’s duel disk.