Espa Roba – The ESP Duelist (1)

When Esper Roba plays Cyber Raider, it shows its card, having stats of 1400/1000. After it’s summoned, its stats show as 1400/2100.

The real versions of the Graceful and Skull Dice increase/decrease the stats of a monster by 100 times the number rolled, however the show versions of them are more powerful, multiplying/dividing the stats of the monster itself by the number rolled

When Cyber Rader attacks Jounouchi’s life points directly, Jounouchi doesn’t have his duel system on his arm?

If Espa Roba was cheating, shouldn’t Ryuuzaki still be in the tournament?

When you look at Jounouchi’s hand at one point you can see Cyber Raider in it.