Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (1)

Gear Golem the Moving Fortress is a level 5 monster so wouldn’t Rare Hunter have to sacrifice a monster to summon it?

In the scene with Kaiba watching the duel, the screen shows two Graceful charity cards. If that was showing his hand, then the rare hunter would have ended up with four (he already used one, he had one in his hand the whole time, and he draws another.) It couldn’t have been showing the graveyard, because it only showed 3 cards.

The rare hunter exclaims “How will you stop the unstoppable Exodia?” Then Yugi says “True nobody has ever defeated Exodia.” but the rare hunter says nothing like that!! The rare hunter said he would draw Exodia’s left arm on his next turn. But it shows Exodia’s right arm instead!!!

Throughout this episode the rare hunter holds the cards in his hand so the last couple of cards would fall off. But they were floating in the air!!

When Seeker used his first Graceful Charity, he discarded the 2 cards on his far left. Those were actually 2 Exodia pieces he discarded!!!

When the rare hunter gets up from his chair he doesn’t have a duel disk on. Then a second later you can see that its clearly on!!

In the Chain Destruction sequence, the chain thing destroys three Exodia heads. That’s impossible. One Exodia head is on the field, and the guy only had three Exodias, right? You can’t even have three Exodias, because it’s against the official rules.