Stalked by the Rare Hunters

Although the Rare Hunter only shows two copies of the Exodia series in his hand, the third copy is still on his Duel Disk.

It is frequently suggested that the ability to attack the opponent’s life points directly is a new rule introduced for Battle City, but the rule was mentioned on at least one occasion during Duelist Kingdom.

The attacking life points rule was indicated in Duel Identity 2 when Yugi said that if he has no monsters out, Mai is free to attack his life pts directly.

Jounouchi played Scapegoat in the monster card zone even though it was a magic card.

When the gang was looking for him in the Japanese version, Honda and Jounouchi had a fist fight.

JAP: Yugi had 8 or 10 Star Chips, meaning a expert duelist, it was changed to 5. Jounouchi had 1 or 2, but the guy changed it to 5 Star Chips.