The Past is Prologue

Some guy says “Welcome to America,” but is Domino City in Japan. That is correct that Domino is in Japan, but apparently 4Kids is trying to make the show based in America. Why else would they show that Industrial Illusions’ main computer is in southern California? The reason that the Industrial Illusions mainframe is in Southern California is that Industrial Illusions is an American company, even in the Japanese version.

JAP: Ghouls/Gurus was changed to Rare Hunters.

When Ishizu hands Kaiba Obelisk the Tormentor, it has no attack/defense numbers but when Kaiba is looking at it in his limo, it clearly has 4000 attack and 4000 defense.

The real name for the God cards were, God of Obelisk, Saint Dragon- The God of Osiris, and the Sun God Dragon: Ra.

I don’t really get it, the God cards were written in English, they should have kept it that way. Egyptian God cards, God cards…I don’t know if this is they considered to be a change. The attribute was a tan circle, it supposed to have the god character on it.

An obelisk is really a giant square tower with a pointy tip.

Ishizu’s name was supposed to be Isis, damn! Ishizu sounds real Egyptian, right?

I’m still confused over the 5,000 years and the 3,000 years the Millennium Items were used.

That part where the table of Destiny, Ishizu said the duel was inconclusive, wrong! It was the Pharaoh’s name that was missing, not the result of the duel!

The Millennium Tauk was changed to the Millennium Necklace.

Okay, Kaiba was a priest not a friggin’ evil sorcerer!!! KAIBA IS NOT EVIL!!!

JAP: In Yugi’s bedroom, Yami and him talk about him saving his life and not about Marik. Yami flinches because Yugi yelled at him about getting his memories back. Yugi obviously doesn’t want him to leave and Yami Yugi doesn’t want to either. Awww!