The Mystery Duelist (2)

When the kamori dragon was destroyed by Zera Yugi’s life points went from 1500 to 400, but Yugi should have lost 1300 life points, and Keith shouldn’t have been able to attack with Zera when he had just played the other monster that turn

(English version) When Bakura looks down at the arena, it shows Yugi having a card face down, but his field is empty.

During the duel with Bandit Keith, Malik says this quote: “You might have beaten Bandit Keith in the Duelist kingdom…” .However, Jounouchi faced off against Keith, not YUGI.

When Yugi plays Magical Hats, Keith/Marik plays a card that he called “Magic Jammer”. In Yugi Vs. Pegasus 3, Pegasus used the same card, but it was called “Magical Neutralizing Force”.

When bandit Keith plays tribute to the doom he didn’t sacrifice a card from his hand to active it.

Actually magical neutralizing force is a magic card and magic jammers a trap card (when they activate it right then they used it while its on the field) yet magical neutralizing force was played from his hand when Keith plays tribute to the doomed, Yugi says its one of the rarest cards in the game, but Rebecca played it and he didn’t say anything and just thought it was a common card or something.

Magic Jammer’s picture was changed, I don’t know why…religious reasons?

The plot has CHANGED! In the Japanese version, Marik never wanted the Millennium Puzzle, he just wanted to kill the Pharaoh.

JAP: Keith thinks he’s being controlled by the puzzle and smashes it.

Yami Bakura tells stuff about the power about the Millennium Items and the Items will bring back the Pharaoh’s memory. Uh…yeah Yugi and Yami Yugi don’t know that yet until Battle City.

911, not the emergency number in Japan.

Jap: When Honda and Jounouchi think of a way to get the puzzle out from the wall, Yami Yugi tells Jounouchi what to do to get the puzzle out from the wall. It just shows Yami doesn’t want his ass burned.

Jap: In the hospital scene where the gang visits Yugi, Jounouchi looks so serious but the dialogue doesn’t make friggin’ any sense! He tells them that Yami Yugi told him to use the pipes to get the puzzle free. Honda said Jounouchi couldn’t think of a good plan but had Yami Yugi to tell him. They start fighting, but in the dub…holes and pipes sticking them into each other…not kid appropriate!