The Mystery Duelist (1)

They cut an entire scene where Yugi’s mom hears Yugi talking to Yami. She thinks her son is a nut. We do see Yugi’s mom in the hospital with Grandpa in “The Wrath of Rebecca”

As Keith plays Zera Ritual, Yugi reminds him that he also needs the monster card in order to summon Zera. However on each occasion that Yugi has performed a ritual summon he has never mentioned this fact.

When Yugi and Bandit Keith were starting their duel, there was a shot of Bandit Keith NOT fully hidden or hooded. OOPS!

Ok, this is weird, first they called the card he used in Haga’s duel “MAGICAL MIST”, then in Jounouchi’s duel “MAIKO: THE MAGICAL MIST” and now its just “MAKIO”

Yugi says he’s never dueled without Yami before, but he dueled Rebecca alone. He actually didn’t want to risk Yami Yugi in danger.

When Yami Bakura found out that Yugi’s puzzle was stolen, he unzipped his coat, BUT when you see the coat, it has buttons. How could he unzip a coat with buttons??

Yugi plays Gaia and his Curse Of Dragon in the same turn. You’re only allowed to play 1 monster per turn.

Actually, Bandit Keith ISN’T the only duelist to use machines. Honda’s Cyber Commander and the Paradox Brothers’ Labyrinth Tank are machines, too.

When fusing monsters with Polymerization, you can offer them from your hand. That’s what they always do in the show, even though they still appear on the field.

About the guy who said Yugi dueled without Yami when he battled Rebecca, That may be true, but their link was strong then and he was able to have contact with him if he needed to. Yami Yugi is always there with Yugi even without the puzzle.

When you hear Malik’s mind speaking, he says that Yugi may have defeated Bandit Keith at Duelist Kingdom, but he will be a much greater challenge. Yugi never beat Keith at the Duelist Kingdom. Jounouchi did.

Last time Yugi played Makio, Summoned Skull had 3500 ATK points not 3250.

In the manga, Keith actually died with Pegasus turning own gun against himself.

Marik’s voice, h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e, he sounds too evil. He sounds like one of those old pervert villains. When Anzu gets Jounouchi and Honda in school, the gym teacher tells them to get to class, and the gang makes this lie that Yugi is dying, the teacher falls for it.