Legendary Heroes (3)

When the monsters from the castle attack the flying machine, Jounouchi calls on Giltia The Fierce Knight but the card is actually Giltia the Dark Knight. Later in the episode when Yugi activates the Black Luster Ritual, he summons Gaia the Dark Knight, but the cards name is Gaia the Fierce Knight. Looks like Jounouchi and Yugi got there cards mixed up.

Correct me if I am wrong, but when Mai lost all her life points, she was supposed to have 2000 LP not whatever she had. She did not lose any of her monsters.

Kaiba never use the Polymerization card when he fused the 3 Blue Eyes to make the Ultimate Dragon, but in Face Off3, he did use Polymerization to fused the 3 Blues Eyes together to make the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Correction: Kaiba threw 3 cards into play when he fused to make the ULTIMATE DRAGON. He already had the first Blue Eyes, so he probably added the other two, including the polymerization. Don’t you have to offer Gaia the Fierce Knight and KURIBOH to summon Black Luster Soldier? About the correction, the Mystic Dragon killed the Harpies’ Pet Dragon, losing Mai 3000 life points. In duelist identity, Harpie’s Pet Dragon had a fire attack, yet here, it has a wind attack. weird. Correction (well, sort of): You do not have to offer Gaia and Kuriboh to summon the Black Luster Soldier. All you need are monster(s) whose total level is the same or higher than the ritual monster that is being created. In Duel Identity 2, Yugi could have resurrected the Dark Magician (or Summoned Skull) and played the Griffor (instead of Kuriboh) that was in his hand and offered them to the ritual. When it shows the mythic dragon and the dragon master knight, there defense is wrong. both their defenses are 5000. Believe me.

The harpy lady’s are destroyed, but they should have been able to stay and power up the dragon strong enough to destroy mythic dragon, they just couldn’t attack, because the Black Luster Soldier got to stay.

The Harpie Lady Sisters were never destroyed. After they fell victim to the Dragon Seal, they simply… disappeared.