The Wrath of Rebecca

When Yugi and the gang are about to leave Duelist Kingdom, Yami Bakura takes out the Millennium Eye and licks it. In the manga, Yami Bakura snatches Pegasus’s eye still all bloody and licks it *bloody goodness…*.

Yugi asked Yami Yugi’s name he said, ‘Yugioh, Yami or Pharaoh.’ There’s two problems in that statement, 1) Yami means ‘Dark’ in Japanese, 2) He doesn’t know he’s Pharaoh yet.

When the Cannon Soldier’s stats appear, it’s attack is only 400, not 1400.

When Mokuba first wakes up, he calls Bakura by name even though the two have never met until that time.

The Millennium Shield is neither an effect monster nor a WIND attribute monster. In the only version of it, Premium Pack 5, it is a EARTH attribute monster with no special effects.

When Grandpa is telling his story, it shows the board and Cannon Soldier is in the magic card zone. Also Yugi’s lifepoints are shown as 1000 when they were really 1500. Rebecca played Tribute to the Doomed and Yugi acted like it was a regular card, but in a later episode, when Yugi dueled Keith he was surprised when he saw it, when you look closely, when Witch Of The Black Forest gets destroyed and it instead of showing Witch of the Black Forest on Yugi’s panel, it showed Cannon Soldier. Yugi never has a Witch of the Black Forest or Cannon Soldier. It was probably on Rebecca’s panel.