Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (2)

When Jounouchi plays the Time Wizard, the Black Skull Dragon is still on the card panel, even after it was destroyed.

The Time Wizard (in all duels) is played as a Magic card, even though it is clearly a Monster.

Yugi and Jounouchi’s LP are tied at 1150 between when Yugi gets attacked his LP goes down to 1150!

Yugi uses Monster Reborn on black skull dragon. He can’t reborn a fused monster.

The Monster Reborn card can be used to resurrect ANY monster that has been sent to the graveyard, fused or otherwise.

In Jounouchi’s flashback, he and Serenity have 4 fingers, not five.

It this episode, Thousand Dragon’s attack is called Nauctious Nostril Gust, but in his duel with Mai, it’s called Inferno Flame Breath.

At the end of the duel when Time Wizard uses it’s attack, there’s a commercial. But right before it, Yami looks really worried that he is about to get beaten when right after the commercial, Dark Magician turns into Dark Sage, and Yami acts as if he knew it was turning more powerful all along, and knows the effects of Dark Sage. Was it just to keep watchers in suspense?

Actually, Yami did know the effect because he use to have Time Wizard but gave it to Jounouchi and probably knew that combo.

When you see Yugi attack Jounouchi’s Thousand Dragon you see Garoses in attack mode. *Aww, Yami Yugi gets real emotional and cries before attacking Jounouchi.* Oh, silent emotional scene in Japanese version.