Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (1)

When Jounouchi played the Red-Eyes Black D. he also played Copycat to copy Polymerization, but wait, can’t you only play one monster at a time?

Copycat copies one MONSTER and Graverobber copies one MAGIC at the cost of 2000 LPs. so his card effects would have to be inverted for the combo to work!

When Gaia the Fierce Knight attacks Jounouchi’s Giltia, Jounouchi’s Life Points go down to 1550, yet Giltia’s ATK is 1950, meaning Jounouchi’s Life Points should have gone down to 1650

If Giltia’s ATK is 1950, when he attacked Celtic Guardian how did Yugi’s life points drop to 1550? They should have dropped to 1450.

When Anzu looks at Yugi and Jounouchi down on the field, Jounouchi still has a “Shield and Sword” and a “Flame Swordsman” on the field.

When Jounouchi plays Graverobber, he says he gets to take a monster from my opponent’s Graveyard but when he played it in Bandit Keith, he took a trap.

Correction: Giltia’s ATK points are 1850.

Jounouchi played Graverobber like a magic card, but it’s a trap card.