Keith’s Machination (2)

When Jounouchi transforms his Baby Dragon into the Thousand Dragon its DEF is 2500 when it should have been 2000.

Jounouchi was able to put the Baby Dragon down and then the Time Wizard in the magic/trap zone, for one thing the time wizard is a monster card, not a magic card, and if he could do that then why didn’t he do that in his duel with Dinosaur Ryuuzaki.

Correction: Actually Thousand Dragon’s attack points should be 2400 but they put 2500.

Barrel Dragon can destroy up to three different monsters at a time, right? So when Thousand Dragon gets destroyed, why didn’t Keith get rid of Time Wizard too? Speaking of which, where is it during the rest of the duel?

Barrel Dragon cannot destroy Time Wizard, because in the original, it is not a monster card but a magic card.

During the course of Jounouchi vs. Keith, Keith destroys two of Jounouchi’s face-down monsters. The first one is Battle Warrior, destroyed by Pendulum Machine. (in Part 1) The 2nd is Kojikocy, destroyed by Barrel Dragon.

Copycat is a monster card, but it was played as a trap card in this episode.

When Keith played Blast Sphere it’s attacked was shown as 2900 but it’s really supposed to be 1400.

Jounouchi summoned REBD with in attack mode. Keith’s Slot Machine was in attack mode with 2000 ATK points and no M/T cards. Why didn’t Jounouchi nuke the Slot Machine with Red-Eyes?

When the Red Eyes came back by Time Machine, Jounouchi exclaims, “Now my Red Eyes’ attack is higher than your Slot Machine’s defense.” and the Slot Machine was in attack mode!!

In the original, Keith pointed a gun at Pegasus, not his finger. *Ohh the magic of editing.*