Keith’s Machination (1)

When Keith uses Stop Defense, the card is only active for one turn. The version of Stop Defense used in previous duels is actually known as Defense Paralysis and works for the rest of the duel.

When Jounouchi and Keith’s life points are shown, Jounouchi has the Flame Swordsman instead of the Axe Raider.

Jounouchi also uses Giltia the Knight, also a fusion card, as a normal monsters without any fusion.

When Jounouchi and Bandit Keith are drawing their cards, Mai’s hand can be seen drawing instead of Bandit Keith.

Jounouchi said he summoned Giltia The Knight, but he’s really Giltia The Dark Knight!

Actually, it can’t be Giltia the Dark Knight because Giltia is a light monster, then the “D” would have to stand for something else.

Well, Dark Witch is a light monster too.


Correction: there are a lot of times where certain cards have certain advantages even though it is not true. Examples of that are, Mai’s Harpie Lady is immune to land monster attacks, the Battle Ox was immune to fire types, and this of course

CONCERNING GILTIA: It is Giltia the Dragon Knight.

About machines and magic: Machines aren’t immune to magic, even on the show. After all, it was the Dark Magician that reduced the Labyrinth Tank to scrap metal-using magic-in the duel with the Paradox Brothers, and the LT is a machine.

About Stop Defense, Bones did actually play it in that duel, and it had the same effect as what Keith played. Bones just was probably taunting Jounouchi and would activate it as soon as Jounouchi defended again.

Concerning Giltia: It’s not Dragon Knight, it’s DARK knight!

It is DARK KNIGHT because when Jounouchi dueled Espa Roba in a later episode, he said “Go Giltia the DARK Knight!”