Duel Identity (2)

When Mai is talking to Jounouchi on the side lines, there are two copies of Shadow of Eyes on her card panel.

A shot of Yugi’s card panel shows that he has the Celtic Guardian on the field when it was actually Gaia the Fierce Knight.

The Summoned Skull’s stats are incorrectly given as 2500/2300.

Mai starts off referring to Harpie’s Pet Dragon as if it is female, but then later refers to it as if it is male.

Right before Yugi draws Swords of Revealing Light, the field shows three Harpie Ladies, but the Pet Dragon is missing.

When Yugi put Kuriboh on the field, look closely. It also shows Celtic Guardian, who he didn’t play.

At the beginning of the episode, Yami Yugi says: “Since my Shadow of Eyes card is on the field, I can’t put my monsters in defense mode.” The Shadow of Eyes card doesn’t belong to Yugi, it belongs to Mai.

Actually, He say’s, “Since Mai’s Shadow of Eye’s…” He got it right.

You are right but for some reason it says on closed caption “My shadow eyes card”.

It doesn’t show Pet Dragon you’re right, but it only shows a Harpie Lady with Shadow of Eyes, Elegant Egotist, Cyber Shield, and Rose Whip face up. It doesn’t show three Harpie Ladies.

How can Mai’s Harpie’s attack points go from 1300 to 2450? I know 1300 to 1800 Cyber Shield and 1800 to 2100 from rose whip and I know there’s a mistake it goes from 2100 to 2400 from Rose Whip again but where does the 50 come from?

Another Closed Captioning mess up on this episode:

Quote: Pegasus: Mai’s spirit is broken.

CCs: Pegasus: My spirit is broken.

Isn’t it when Yugi draws the Swords of Revealing Light that it’s Yami who doubts?

Yugi uses Monster Reborn to bring back Gaia from the graveyard, but he isn’t in the graveyard. When Yugi played his Monster Recovery card earlier in the game, all the monsters from his graveyard went to his deck, including Gaia. And Gaia hasn’t been seen since.

Actually, Monster Recovery pulls all the cards from the field back in the deck, not the Graveyard.

Actually, about the harpies thing, the card has 1950 ATK, and the Cyber Shield raised their ATK to 2450. About the Rose Whip, I don’t know. It’s ATK should have been 2750. Although only one Harpy had a Rose Whip.

When Mai plays Monster Reborn to bring back Harpie’s Pet Dragon, she says it gains 300 points from all Harpy Ladies on the field, but she would only gain 600 because she had 1 Harpy Lady and Harpie Lady Sisters, not 3 Harpies.