Duel Identity (1)

At one point, Mai draws two cards in the same turn, playing the Rose Whip after the first draw and Harpy’s Pet Dragon after the second.

When Mai plays the Rose Whip, the ATK of Harpy Lady (which is already powered up with Cyber Shield) has already jumped from 1800 to 2100 without any cards being played.

The duel between Yugi and Mai is classed as a rematch, however, the two of them have not dueled each other until now.

The Summoned Skull’s stats are incorrectly given as 2500/2300. They call Reborn the Monster, Monster Reborn. Summoned Skull’s stats are actually 2300/1200. Yet another correction: SS is 2500/1200.

Actually, its called Monster Reborn, not Reborn the Monster.

When Yugi releases Yami Yugi from the puzzle, he puts on his jacket like a cape, but in the next scene he’s wearing it as a jacket.

Harpie Lady’s outfit was edited throughout the whole show. In the original, the monster’s cleavage was quite visible.

The plot was changed. Yami Yugi was actually too excited to face Pegasus and screwed up playing with Mai. Yugi is a better duelist than anyone thought. He helped Yami Yugi throughout his duel, instead Yugi holding Yami back. *I have to admit, the dubbed plot made more sense*