Champion vs. Creator (2)

Deck Destruction Virus of Death (Crush card virus) only effects the cards in your deck. Not The cards that have been destroyed. Like Blue-Eyes White Dragon. And as long as Toonworld is out, He could bring back the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

Kaiba never did he forfeit the duel. It was Pegasus that ended the duel, Kaiba never said” I give up” or something like that.

why didn’t Kaiba us de-spell, to get rid of toon world?

It said that he only had one card left not infected, but what about Mystic Horseman?

In this episode, Dragon Capture Jar is played as a monster card ATK 100, DEF 200 (or something like that.) It is really Trap card.

About the Mystic Horseman thing, Kaiba also has a Grappler.

Pegasus plays Dragon capture jar as a magic card. And when Kaiba activates shadow spell he says “Activate magic card” but it really is a trap.

actually, crush card only works for three turns, and its when u draw a card if its more then 1500 ATK. so kaiba still could have brought back a blue eyes

dragon capture jar and dragon piper had the wrong effects. dragon piper has a flip which would destroy the dragon capture jar. dragon capture jar only switches dragons into defense. and back to crush card virus, it doesn’t work on special summoned monsters.