Champion vs. Creator (1)

In this episode, when Kaiba is waiting for Pegasus, he has a few new flashbacks about Mokuba. In the second flashback, I think, it shows Mokuba saying, “I miss you, Kaiba.” Why would Mokuba call his own brother by his last name?

When Seto summoned Sagi the Dark Clown, his attack power was 900 when it’s suppose to be 600.

There was a major goof in CVC 1 and 2. When Kaiba destroyed Pegasus’s Parrot Dragon, Pegasus’s life points should have gone down to 1400, but they stayed where they were. Later in CVC 2, when Kaiba destroyed the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, Pegasus’s life points went down to 1200. You can see them going down from 1400 there. If you think it really did go down but they just didn’t show it like in Yugi V Jounouchi when Yugi destroyed the Black Skull Dragon) you’re wrong. At the end of this episode, Yugi says Kaiba is already 1000 points behind, but he’s really only 400 points behind. A lot of goofs having to do with Life Points in these episodes.

In the 8 past episodes, Bakura has left his Millennium Ring hanging outside his sweater but in this episode the ring is in his sweater, what’s up with that?

When Pegasus plays his trap card “Prophecy”, I its actually a magic card by the color of the card.

For Mokuba calling his brother “kaiba” I think it was a script change that they missed. Kaiba’s name is really Kaiba Seto and his brother is Mokuba Seto. So they forgot to change it one time. If you read the manga in Shone Jump you’ll see.

CORRECTION: Kaiba is their last name, not Seto. In previous episodes, Yugi referred to Kaiba as “Seto Kaiba”, so Mokuba did goof when he called his brother Kaiba instead of Seto.