Face Off (3)

Yugi put down Kuriboh in attack mode, but later Kaiba says “with all your Kuriboh’s in defense mode, I couldn’t touch them…” What’s up with that?

When the ATK of the BEUD is reduced for the third time, the DEF is quoted as 2500, the DEF of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon not a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Actually about that Kuriboh thing its actually easy to understand because in defense mode Yugi’s Life points wouldn’t be taken away until all the Kuriboh were in attack mode

When the Celtic Guardian destroyed Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragons head, And Kaiba resurrected it using Monster Reborn. Why’d he have to wait a turn to attack?

A note on the Kuriboh thing, in the real card game, when Multiply is used, it puts them all into defense automatically.

The Kuriboh thing is easy to Understand If you were listening. Yugi said that since the Kuriboh were in attack mode, you have to destroy all of them to inflict damage to the life points. do you get it now?

Kaiba says that Kuriboh is the weakest monster in Duel Monsters. Not true, two weaker cards that come to mind are Thousand Eyes Idol (0/0) and The Unhappy Maiden (0/100). Neither of those cards have special effects, although TEI can be fused with Relinquished.

Actually, the Unhappy Maiden does have an effect, when its attacked that battle phase ends immediately