Face Off (1)

How come it took Bandit Keith three episodes just to get to the castle? Yugi and Jounouchi had to travel the same distance but they also had to duel the Paradox Brothers and get out of the labyrinth first and they still made it to the castle before he.

The first monster Kaiba uses, he says Ryu-Kushin, but the creature that came forward was Ryu-Kushin Powered.

Kaiba and Yugi went on the roof of the castle, but how could they gain entrance?

Actually, there is a plain part of the castle next to the entrance.

JAP: Anzu wasn’t being robbed, the pervert gym teacher *most gym teachers are perverts aren’t they?* wanted to rape her and record it on tape. If she refused, he’d tell the school that she was working illegally at Burger World.

JAP: The ‘fight’ between Yugi and the teacher were edited out.

Once Anzu and Yugi are knocked out, the teacher kneels down and films up Anzu’s skirt for awhile while snickering to himself. This is cut out.