Double Trouble Duel (3)

Right before Para and Dox do their big flips for the Ryoku card, you can see a split second of the whole gang with little Yugi) as they are before they are challenged. Oops!

when Yugi uses his spell binding circle on gate guardian he says it makes the guardian 700 defense points weaker, but in every other episode when Yugi uses the spell binding circle it makes the monster 700 attack points weaker

in this episode when Jounouchi uses copycat as ryokou, he takes half of the paradox brothers’ life points, which was 900, but when they are added to the black skull dragon’s attack it only goes up 800 points, 3200 to 4000

Actually they showed BSD’s ATK at 3100 go up 900 to 4000. They messed up on that.

When Yugi activated Spell-Binding Circle, he SAID it lowered Gate Guardian’s DEF 700, but when he attacked with Summoned Skull (2500/1200) at Suijin (2500/2100) but Para lost 700 life points, meaning he actually WAS powered down by 700 ATK.

When Jounouchi played Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Yugi played Polymerization, but how could he play that on Jounouchi’s turn?

When Suijin attacked Flame Swordsman powered up to 2500 ATK, why did Jounouchi lose 300 life points?

When the Black Skull Dragon was summoned, the Paradox Brothers said that it couldn’t move in the labyrinth. However, in the first episode of this trilogy, we saw that the Labyrinth wall was actually a monster card, and it was put down in defense mode with a defense of 3000. So why didn’t Jounouchi just have his Black Skull Dragon attack and destroy the Labyrinth wall, thus changing the rules of the field back to normal, and then giving Jounouchi and Yugi the chance to just attack the Gate Guardian with no maze-related worries?