Double Trouble Duel (2)

When the Celtic Guardian is destroyed, Jounouchi exclaims “No, my Celtic Guardian!” even though the card actually belongs to Yugi.

In the show, Jirai Gumo had a DEF of 1000, but in the card game its DEF is only 100.

Jari gumo is played as a trap but it is a monster, the same thing happens with Time Wizard

The Gate Guardian’s ATK and Def is supposed to be 3750/3000, not all the elements (2500/2100, 2400/2000, and 2600/2200)

When Dox showed the Monster Tamer, its stats were 1800/1600, but when he played it, the stats were 1800/1500.

When the Dungeon Worm was played in Defense mode, if you pause for a split second, the picture shows Magical Labyrinth.

When Kemo says that’s Kaiba came up behind him and got the drop him (Kemo). He’s wrong, Kemo got the drop on Kaiba.

Kemo said this because he didn’t was embarrassed that even though he snuck up on Kaiba, he still got beaten.

Jap: When Kimo met Kaiba in the woods, he had a gun up to his head and told Kaiba to come quietly, or else. Kaiba raises his hand up, pretending to surrender but he’s got a card (Gyakutenno Megami) in his hand. Before the gun can shoot, he jams the trigger with the card, then beats up Kimo with the line, “It’s now thanks to you I’ve got scratches on my valuable cards!” And Kaiba keeps the gun for himself

Manga: Kaiba does the same thing but shoves Kimo’s head in a box and well steps him.