Double Trouble Duel (1)

When Pegasus is watching Yugi, Jounouchi, Honda, Anzu, and Bakura on his screen, and Bakura is leading them, that isn’t actually Bakura. You can tell that it’s Yami Bakura who’s leading them, not Bakura.

When Axe Raider steps on Jirai Gumo’s space, Dox calls it the Landmine Spider, which is its Japanese name.

When they were in the maze, and Pegasus was watching them, the screen showed the labyrinth wall and Yugi and Jounouchi dueling the paradox brothers, but that hasn’t happened yet!

Labyrinth Tank is a Fused Monster but Dox played it as a Regular Monster instead.

Jirai Gumos Attack/Defense were shown incorrectly instead if it being 2100/1000 it should have been 2200/100.

Beaver Warrior took 6 steps into the maze but it is a level 4 so how could it move 2 extra steps?