The Scars of Defeat

Kaiba says that Pegasus has one of every card, but that isn’t true as there are only four copies of Blue-Eyes and Pegasus doesn’t have any of them.

As Kaiba’s plays the Mystic Horseman, he is wearing a dueling glove.

The flashback to the Intercontinental Championship duel between Pegasus and Bandit Keith joins the duel as it is coming to a close, however neither duel has any cards in play. plus there weren’t any cards in either player’s graveyard!

In the flashback, Keith’s Garnecia Elifantis gets beaten by a card with much lower attack than it. They show Mokuba saying “Big Brother” inside a soul card, but Pegasus hasn’t trapped Mokuba’s soul yet.

Jap: First of all, Kaiba was much more polite in the Japanese version. He didn’t call Yugi naive, or Jounouchi a loser. Yugi wasn’t asking Kaiba to come along with them in the beginning, he was asking Kaiba if he believed in the Heart of the Cards, and Kaiba replied that he couldn’t answer right then. They edited out a part where Anzu was trying to explain to Kaiba what Jounouchi fought for, while she has tears in her eyes.

The dubbers cut out the part where Kaiba’s monsters beheaded Jounouchi’s monsters.