A New Evil (1)

There was no speaking during the ocean scene. All that dialogue with Professor Hawkins wasn’t supposed to be there.

DUB: “Those look like Duel Monsters, really all he said was “*gasp* This is…”

JAP: They had the newscaster speak of the discovery under the ocean.

Dub: That scene was silenced out.

Edited: The Seal Guy’s glowing eyes

Amusing Dub Quote: “Does the Grim Reaper know you raided his closet?”- Rex

JAP: He mentioned Ryuzaki and Haga’s names.

Yugi didn’t skip school, this was after school. Also he left, because he did not want to say goodbye to his friends.

Amusing Dub Quote: “After those all those friendship talks over the years hasn’t it sunk in yet?”- Tea

Dub: The ancient words were edited into some chant in English

Dub: Unnecessary words of luring the Pharaoh into showing the God cards to the tablet

Dub: Haga and Ryuzaki said about their souls taken. In the original they warned about the ‘sign’.

Added: White blur in the flash back memory scene with Haga and Ryuzaki.

Edited: Skipped that Yugi was thinking only certain people can summon the God cards.

Edited: Failed to say they were the 3 Musketeers of Doma.

Edited: Failed to mention that the duelist was named Gurimo and worked with Raphael.

Dub: He said something about handing the the God cards cards back to him before someone gets hurt.

JAP: Said something about only certain people can summon the Gods.

Edited: Added a white clothing to Monster Tamer’s middrift.

Added: Put some crap about knowing anicent powers. Remember they said that the Seal was older than Egyptian powers.

Edited: Nothing about kicking ‘bums’, The three were talking about which duelists they need to defeat too; Jounouchi and Kaiba.