Battle for the Bronze (3)

DUB: Ishizu begging Yami Yugi to save Marik’s soul.

EDITED: Yami Yugi and Yugi’s conversation on the reason why Marik hates him so much.

EDITED: The seasonal pictures of Time Wizard’s effect

ADDED: Kaiba, Joey, and Tristan’s faces while the wand was spinning for the result of Time Wizard’s effect.

EDITED: Joey laughing on how strong Kaiba was.

EDITED: No mention of Yami Yugi or flash back on how he was defeated earlier.

DUB: Tea saying how strange it was to sleepwalk, while in the OVA she said it was weird that she didn’t remember what happened.

JAP: Kaiba’s comments about Jounouchi weeping like a dog. XD

EDITED: The destruction of the tower, mentioned after serval lines after Mokuba telling of Seto.

JAP: The ancient words Isis told Seto. How he should help Yami Yugi in the final with Yami Marik. She told him that on the tablet the poem was written on the friendship with his past self and the Pharaoh.

ADDED: Said some stuff about Seto helping the Pharaoh to save mankind. That was not mentioned in the OVA.

EDITED: Mokuba telling Seto that Yugi was not involved with the hatred of his stepfather.

JAP: Anzu saying Jounouchi would have lost to Seto even when she wasn’t there.

EDITED: The 3% chance of winning against Ra to the 20% chance of winning with the card would have used against Yami Marik.

ADDED: Extra dialogue withing Yami Yugi lose to Yami Marik.