Battle for the Bronze (2)

ADDED: Extra white glare on the flash back

JAP: Jounouchi called Yugi’s name about the promise they made in the flash back

ADDED: In the flash back, Yami Yugi and Tristan was given extra dialogue to say

EDITED: Yami Yugi looking onto the tower promising to win against Yami Marik

Useless dialogue: Kaiba saying if he was Joey’s friends he’d be on the other side cheering with the rest of the ‘geeks’

ADDED: Mokuba into the mix

ADDED: Extra white light destroying the monsters, happens several times in the episode

EDITED: Yami Marik trying to get out of the situation of Marik destroying him by telling Marik that it was his body too and Isis would be sad if the body was destroyed.

ADDED: His spirit while Tea jumped to safety onto the middle of the tower.

Note: There was no intention to sending Isis, Marik or Anzu into the shadow realm, it was all matter of Yami Marik trying to kill them.

Amusing Quote: Jap: “So many disturbances today.” / Dub: “Look at this, I’m quite popular today.” When Yami Yugi was coming onto the duel stage of the tower.

ADDED: Ishizu telling Yami Yugi that Marik was living in Tea’s mind when his body was used by Yami Marik

EDITED: Spell card, Card of Demise instead of books being chopped into the guillotine the man’s hand was in the original and Japanese TCG.