Evil Spirit of the Ring

Yugi makes various comments suggesting that he was working with Yami until the Dark Magician was played, but Yugi’s soul was supposed to have been trapped inside the card the whole time.

Why was Jounouchi (as the Flame Swordsman) afraid of The Reaper of Cards? he could defeat him in one blow. the reaper of cards attack is 1300

Actually, he was in the graveyard, so he probably couldn’t do an attack unless called to do so, like all the other monsters do.

CORRECTION-Even if Yugi & Yami are somehow separated they are still capable of communicating. Such as in “Mystery Duelist” they are separated but able to communicate for a short time.

When they showed Anzu’s Magician of Faith effect activating, she was standing on the Dark Magician’s card.

When Yami plays monster reborn the first time, if you look for a split sec, instead of the American picture, it shows the Japanese picture for “raise dead”