The Darkness Returns (1)

Marik had wanted to duel Yugi in the semi-finals.

Kaiba and Yugi both seemed less melodramatic about their desire to win.

Joey commented on the horrible view from the top of the tower, not that the others hadn’t arrived yet.

Yugi told Joey to win, not that the duel would be dangerous.

The discussion, and flashback, involving Joey being knocked out by Ra’s attack never happened.

It was Kaiba, not Yugi, who mentioned the subject of Ra’s hidden powers and the strange text.

The flashback used of Marik taking control of Ra was a different one.

Kaiba commented that Ra was the strongest of the three God Cards and that Yugi wouldn’t be able to defeat it.

Kaiba revealed that he wanted to duel Yugi in the semi finals because he would need two God Cards in order to defeat Marik and Ra.

When the Shadow Game started, Ishizu was worried that Marik would claim another victim.

Téa told Yugi about Joey’s determination despite her promise not to.

Yami refused to stop the Shadow Game, stating that Joey was well aware of the consequences at the start of the duel.

The pain from the attacks was affecting the body and spirit, not just the mind.

The duellists suffered the pain that their monsters did, not the “energy” lost.

When Joey first felt the pain of an attack, he wondered if Mai felt the same way at the end of her duel.