Back to Battle City (3)

There was no commentary during the opening scene.

Joey never commented on how Marik’s Dark Geroid was the weakest monster on the field.

There was less talking as Marik decided who to attack.

Marik sensed that Kaiba wanted him to attack and activate his face-down cards.

Skull Dice was a Magic Card not a Trap Card.

Téa commented on how Kaiba’s face down cards could be a problem.

Kaiba’s justification for helping Marik was that he was determined to defeat everyone in order to win.

Tristan thought Yugi was still trying to duel Joey in the semi-finals.

Duke was adamant that Joey had every intention of wanting to duel Marik.

Joey had asked Téa not to tell Yugi about his determination to duel Marik and save Mai.

Joey told Yugi to attack him, stating that he wasn’t yet the “true duellist” he needed to be before their rematch.

The flashback of Mai not wanting Joey and Yugi to watch her duel with Marik was cut.

Joey told Yugi that if he were a true duellist he would attack him. He also promised that they would meet in the finals.

Flashback to the scene where Joey told Yugi to keep the Red-Eyes for the time being was cut.

Yugi happily attacked his friend, knowing it was what he wanted.

Duke wondered if Joey had been bluffing wanting to duel Marik when actually wanting to face Kaiba.

Ring of Destruction’s red balls were originally grenades.