Back to Battle City (2)

Yugi wanted to duel Joey in the semi finals.

Yugi never called out to Kaiba to tell him that the tournament was getting too dangerous.

Joey understood why Yugi had helped him, but by then was already determined to duel Marik. (Flashback to Marik’s final attack of Mai cut)

Ishizu was worried about whether the part of Marik from within Téa was still alright.

The “Yami Marik kills Mr Ishtar” scene was cut once again, and the dub omitted the fact that Marik and Odion ran away the following day.

Ishizu was supported in the museum by a team of armed guards who were knocked out by the Millennium Rod.

Ishizu demanded that Marik give back the two God Cards he had already taken.

Marik explains that he used the Millennium Rod to create GURUS.

Odion blasted the window open from outside with a grenade launcher (or similar).

Marik wanted Kaiba and Yugi to duel each other in the semi finals.

The gang told Joey not to worry about having lost Life Points when he first went up, not to be careful about falling.

Joey never contemplated attacking Yugi after summoning Gearfried the Iron Knight.