Back to Battle City (1)

Mokuba’s mourning Noah’s death was removed. (May have been at the end of the dub of 121. I forget)

The history of KaibaCorp Island (a.k.a. Alcatraz) having been constructed by Gozaburo Kaiba was removed.

Joey knew that Mai would wake up if Marik was defeated.

Marik mocked Ishizu’s loss in the quarter-finals before threatening to brainwash her.

He also joked that Odion may never wake up, and that Yugi and Kaiba were no match for him.

Yugi knew that Bakura would return if Marik was defeated.

Yami felt guilty because Marik was destroying everyone who stood in his way in his quest to defeat Yami. The whole “weaken our confidence” thing never came up.

The gang didn’t seem so concerned about Bakura, almost as if they knew what had happened to him.

Kaiba told Joey that he’d crush him, not that he was an amateur duellist.

Marik didn’t say anything about Bakura or Mai, Yugi and Joey were just angry at him generally.

Tristan was also angry at Marik, and still displaying monkey characteristics.

Roland told the finalists that the doors wouldn’t affect their rankings before they were made to choose.

The four way duel was referred to as a Battle Royale.

Duke was talking about how Yugi and Joey would team up to ensure they could have their duel in the semi finals.

The gang told Joey not to lose too quickly, not that they were making up a cheer for him.

Joey asked how they were going to decide the order, not if he could go first.

Yugi was uncertain who he wanted to duel in the semi finals because he had reason to duel each finalist. (Flashbacks to his promise to Joey, Kaiba’s challenge and a confrontation with Marik all cut)

Roland called the start of the duel, not Kaiba.

Big Shield Gardna was an Effect Monster not a Normal Monster.