Merger of the Big Five (1)

DUB: Kaiba was not explaining the Kaiba screwed up family tree, Anzu and Yugi were

EDITED: Honda Monkey saying how touched he was when Jounouchi was fought for his body. Crump was an accountant in the dub; in the original he was human resources for the company

EDITED: Big 2 was saying something perverted getting Anzu’s body.

EDITED: Seto’s thinking of Noa being fabricated or Noa dead.

EDITED: Cyber Harpie’s breast armor plate, edited the pointy edges

DUB: failed to explain the whole effect of the trap card, Kunai with Chain. ATK of the monster is reduced adn transfered to another monster of the field, the attacking monster goes into defense mode once the trap is activated.

EDITED: Jounouchi apologizing being blinded by victory.

JAP: Otogi explaining how fierce the duel was and lifepoints were not reduced.

EDITED: Added red glare into Mokuba’s eyes

DUB: Added extra thoughts during Kaiba’s scene

“What? Those are my design! How did he get my blueprints?” – Kaiba; actually Kaiba said in the original was just “KaibaLand?”