The Dueling Monkeys

The field power bonus should have increased the Sword Arm Of Dragon’s DEF to 2639, but it only increased to 2630.

At one point, Jounouchi is seen without his dueling glove on.

The Flame Swordsman is a Fusion monster, however Jounouchi only ever plays it as a standard monster.

When Mai said she lose to Jounouchi. Ryuuzaki said: You lose to Jounouchi Wheeler? First of all, how did Ryuuzaki know Jounouchi Wheeler in the first place, Jounouchi did saw Ryuuzaki but Jounouchi never told Ryuuzaki his name.

When it shows the two battle guards together it shows their attack as 1595 which is way less than what it should be.

Jounouchi said the Flame Sword’s man is his strongest card, but his Giltia the Knight is (that is, before he wins Ryuuzaki’s Red Eyes).

Both Honda and Jounouchi say they shoved each other, when it is obvious they both slugged each other in the face and the stomach.

I’ve read a magazine confirming about the flame swordsman. In the Japanese version of the show the flame swordsman is still purple for fusion but is played regularly. They changed the color to a normal monster in America.