Give Up The Ghost

The American version, the Fake Kaiba was supposedly the darkness Yami sent to the Shadow Realm. In the Japanese version, the fake Kaiba was one of Pegasus’ eliminators.

This is weird. First the dark side of Kaiba sends out Mystic Horseman and it doesn’t appear, then after Yami sends out his Mystical Elf, the dark side says “he must be trying to strengthen the Mystical Elf somehow to withstand my Mystic Horseman’s attack!” And the Mystic Horseman was in Defense Mode!

Yami Yugi plays a card called “Reborn the Monster.” I thought the card was just called “Monster Reborn.”

In Japan Monster Reborn is commonly known as Reborn the monster

Actually, the original name for Monster Reborn in Japan was Raise Dead, although that sounds similar to Reborn the Monster…

Jap: Suits bursting in on Kaiba’s secret computer room had guns that were edited out.