Yugi Moto

Yugi was a regular high school student though somewhat diffident. He was short for his age but it seemed to run in the family after seeing his grandfather. He’s constantly being bullied but he takes it all in stride and doesn’t really seem to care. He loved games above all (his grandfather runs a game shop). While his classmates went out to play sports during lunch and break, Yugi was content to just sit in the classroom and solve puzzles. There is one puzzle he had no been able to solve. Stored away in a golden box engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphics is his “treasure”. It is a golden puzzle, the Millennium Puzzle, from Ancient Egypt that was a gift from his grandfather. When he finally solves it, his world and life as he knew it would forever change.

Family Members

Yugi lives with his grandfather in the apartment just over the game shop. His mother also lives there with them. She only shows up about twice in the anime and the dub usually cuts her out. As for Yugi’s father, Takahashi explains in the August 2004 issue of the Shonen Jump, that he is living away from the family because of business.

Past Life

Here is one of the ultimate paradoxs of this anime, what exactly is Yugi’s connection with Yami? Are they two halves of the same soul that was split apart three thousand years ago? Or are their resemblance to each other nothing more than coincidence? Perhaps Yugi is the reincarnation not of Yami himself, but a son we have yet to meet. Even more simply, Yugi could just be a descendant of Yami but that would still mean Yami must have had children.

Love Interest

Yugi has had a crush on Anzu for quite sometime. He hasn’t made any moves. It became obvious to him early on that Anzu was much more interested in Yami than himself. He appears to accept this.


Yugi is absolutely adorable. Face it, he’s just too cute. Despite that, Yugi can still be a very complex character. He dresses in one of the most flamboyant manners of anime and yet he’s as shy as a schoolgirl. He just screams punk but he’s probably the most picked on student in his school. He doesn’t have a lot of confidence in himself at the start. He believes that Yami and the Millennium Puzzle had brought Jounouchi and the others to him. He fails to see his own strengths and is bent on his flaws. He is, in fact, a very strong person. He doesn’t give up and his devotion to his friends and cannot be wavered in his determination.

Signature Card

Black Magician

ATK 2500/DEF 2100
This is Yugi’s most powerful card in the beginning of the series.

Maha Vailo

Effect: In addition to the effect of Equip Cards, the ATK of this monster is increased by 500 points for each card equipped to this card.

ATK 1550/DEF 1400
When Anzu asked Yugi to choose the Duel Monster card that most represented him, Yugi chose the Black Magician at first. He puts it down though, saying it represented mou hitori no Yugi better. Maha Vailo is an Spellcaster-class Light-type effect monster. In addition to the effect of the magic equip card, its ATK is raised by 500 for each equip. It is a more accurate representation of Yugi than Black Magician. Yugi on his own may not be the most powerful being but with the help of the Millennium Puzzle, he has managed to become a stronger person.