Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi is the alternate persona of Yugi that was awakened by the completion of the Millennium Puzzle. He is different from Yugi in almost every possible way. He is confident in the least and down-right cocky at most. He can be ruthless when playing the “Game of Darkness”. Those who lose to him and suffer the Punishment Game usually end up either insane or dead. He usually emerges when there is either danger to Yugi and/or his friends, or to take revenge on those who had wronged him. He himself does not know of his origin or past history. He was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt in life about 3000 years ago. He was the Pharaoh who had sacrificed his life to seal the “Dark Games”. His name has long been lost but once he recovers it…the “Dark Door” will open once again…

Past Life

Yami was the Nameless Pharaoh, a king that ruled sometime during the 18th Dynasty. He was a young king, thus his foundation in power was not as solid as it should have been. He had many enemies, some of which he inherited from his father along with the throne. He appeared to have been a just ruler, one who genuinely cared for all his subjects. At the same time, he would not stand for anyone who dared to try and subjugate his reign. He understood that peace sometimes had to be taken with a blade.

Update: He is no longer nameless! As of chapter 333 and 334 of the manga, Yami’s name in his past life has been revealed! It is… *drum roll* Atemu! Okay…it is somewhat anti-climatic… At least it wasn’t King Tut like I’ve seen some people guessing.

Love Interest

Yami has not shown any romantic interest in anyone so far. Of course, there are hints that people are always scrutinizing. Ah, the wonders of fandom.


Many people have actually questioned the mental stablity of Yami. Can you blame them or him though? This poor guy has been trapped in a freakish puzzle for the last three thousand years (Not 5000. Don’t ever listen to the dub…). I personally think Yami lacks a distinct personality. He can be quite dull at times. All he seems to be good for it dueling. This is not necessarily his fault though. Yami lacks sufficient memories of his past. A person’s personality are developed on top of past experiences but Yami lacks such. Before Yugi completed the Puzzle, he probably didn’t even know he existed. He is thrown into a modern world, which he is completely unprepared for. Duel Monsters is the one thing that might seem remotely familiar to him. It’s the one thing he can connect to in this world.

Signature Card

Dark Magician

ATK 2500/DEF 2100

Black Magician holds a lot of significance for Yami. He has a wide array of other spellcaster cards that appear to be derived from the Black Magician:

  • Dark Sage
  • Magician of Black Chaos
  • Black Magician Girl (Dark Magician Girl)
  • Magician Knight
  • Black Paladin

We now know exactly why the Black Magician is so precious to Yami. Mahaado was one of Yami’s most devoted priest and subject. The man not only gave his life to serve the Pharaoh but his soul as well to continue protecting his liege even in death. The Black Magician often astonishes me with the vast range of very human emotions he can display. He is, no doubt, one of the most expressive monsters in the series (Black Magician Girl following in a close second). You can often see him grimacing when Yami takes a direct hit. In the duel with Pandora (Arkana), Black Magician was somehow able to transfer his soul to protect Yami even though his “physical” being was strapped to the cross. The deep bond between Atemu and Mahaado continue to hold strong in Yami and Black Magician.