Yami Malik

Many fans carry the misconception that Yami Malik is the spirit of the Millennium Rod, like Yami Yugi or Yami Bakura. This is not true. Though the Rod greatly fuels Yami Malik’s power, he is an entity separate of it. Yami Malik was created on Malik’s tenth birthday when the boy received the inscription of the Pharaoh’s Memories on his back. Yami Malik is born of Malik’s darker emotions: his fear, his anger, and his hate. Yami Malik is Malik’s attempt to disassociate with reality and the pain he felt at that time. He is originally been suppressed by Rishid’s presence. When Malik was ten, he convinced Isis to take him to see the outside world. They were discovered and Rishid was punished severely. When Rishid fell unconscious, Yami Malik was able to gain control and use the Millennium Rod to help kill Lord Ishtar. After that, Yami Malik remained dormant in Malik’s mind until the day Rishid lost his duel to Jounouchi.

Love Interest

Remember what I said about Yami Bakura being a psycho? Scratch that. This man epitomizes the meaning of neurosis and every other psychological disorder on earth. Couplings involving this character are almost always ensured to be bloody and quite violent. So take your pick of what poor character has to put up with him.

Signature Card

Ra the Winged Dragon (The Winged Dragon of Ra)

ATK ????/DEF ????