Yami Bakura

Yami Bakura is a malicious spirit that exists within the Millennium Ring. No one knows his real name. He is simply known as Yami Bakura in most fandom, but I believe he’s just referred to as the “yami no jinkai” (dark personality) in the anime and the manga. In Ancient Egypt, he was a tomb robber who held the title “King of Thieves” (or “Thief King”). His goal was to obtain the seven Millennium Items in order to gain the limitless power they possessed when brought together. Yami Bakura had an intense hatred for Yami Yugi’s father, and even managed to desecrate the former Pharaoh’s tomb. The reason for his loathing was due to the destruction of his hometown, Kuru Eruna. His loathing has passed onto the the former Pharaoh’s son, Yami Yugi’s past incarnation and his present spirit form. Even in modern times, he is still trying to fulfill his goal.

Bakura Ryou obtained the Millennium Ring from his father who found it in a bazaar in Egypt. Whenever Yami Bakura emerges, his avatar has no control (or memory) of whatever may happen. Even though the Spirit of the Ring has ‘died’ many times, he has a habit of coming back to bother Ryou. =)

In the manga, he reveals that he is a part of Zork Necrophedious. He is a part of Zork that Zork sealed away in the Millennium Ring three thousand years ago.

Family Members

Yami Bakura had family when he was still alive. Okay, that’s stretching it just a bit. Any family he had would have been massacred in the Kuru Eruna tragedy.

Deck Type

Occult – Occult decks are dependent on magic cards to support the monsters. Most of the monsters are also armed with deadly effects when sent to the graveyard. In many ways, an occult deck resembles a ghost deck. The occult deck is far more deadly though. The magic cards will render the opposition senseless.

Past Life

Yami Bakura was known as the King of Thieves in his past life. He was the sole survivor of the Kuru Eruna tragedy that gave birth to the Millennium Items. It was an experience that scarred him for the rest of his life and set him on the long road of vengeance to wipe out the royal house. It is not known how Yami Bakura came to be trapped within the Millennium Ring and why he would also become a part of Zork Necrophedious.

Love Interest

This is a shonen genre manga. Other than the ambiguous crushes the main character has, there isn’t much for any of the other characters. Not hard to see why this psycho has spawned so many interesting couplings in fandom.

Signature Card

Dark Necrophia (Dark Necrofear)

ATK 2200/DEF 2800
Effect: Remove 3 Fiend Sub-Type monsters in your Graveyard from the game in order to Special Summon this Monster. If this card is destroyed by your opponent and it goes to the Graveyard, at the end of the turn this card becomes an Equipment card on an opponent’s Monster. While this card is Equipped on it, you control that Monster.