Tristan Taylor

Honda is Jounouchi’s friend. They’ve known each other since junior high school. Honda picked on Yugi a lot as well. In the anime (first series), he’s actually a good student and class president (my initial reaction: o.O). In the manga, he is a somewhat of a bully but most definitely a delinquent. Like Jounouchi, he learns to accept Yugi as well. Though he doesn’t play that great a role in the story, his moral support to both Jounouchi and Yugi is invaluable.

Family Members

In the manga, he has a older sister and a nephew named Takaharu. He also has a family dog named Blankie. Before Battle City, Honda borrowed the motorcycle from his Sempai. He was most likely referring to his brother-in-law.

Past Life

Honda doesn’t seem to have any connection to Yami and Seto in their past life.

Love Interest

Honda is very much smitten with Shizuka. He cares a great deal for her and would do almost anything to keep her safe, including giving his life to do so.


Honda is often thought of as the most useless character in the show. It’s hard to even find a good picture of him… Most of the time, he’s just there to fill in that dead space in the animation. Now, he is just seen as a plot device along with Shizuka. Poor Honda. ;_; Honda is actually the character that supports Jounouchi. He has never been willing to give up on Jounouchi despite everything. He knows how Jounouchi’s mind work better than anyone. He knows how to get through to that sometimes rather thick skull of Jounouchi’s.

Signature Card

ATK 750/DEF 750