Tea Gardner

Anzu is Yugi’s childhood friend. She is currently in the same class as Yugi, Jounouchi, and Honda. In the manga, she is seen as a sort of tomboy at first and is the one to protect Yugi from Jounouchi and Honda. Yugi has had a crush on her for a long time. She, in turns, falls for Yami Yugi. In time, she will come to accept Yugi and Yami as two sides of the same person and will love them both for that. She’s a nice girl and supportive of her friends. Her dream is to go to New York to study ballet and dancing.

Family Members

We know relatively little about her family. In the anime, it says that she moved around a lot when she was little because of her father’s job. She even lived in New York City for a while.

Past Life

It is not sure if Anzu existed during Yami’s time as Pharaoh or not, so it is unknown if she has any deeper connection with any of the other characters. However, in the first Shin Duel Monster video game, Anzu appeared as Teana, a friend of the Prince from outside the palace.

Love Interest

Anzu has a huge crush on Yami, especially in the manga. She creates a whole bunch of dangerous scenarios just to try and dray Yami out to save her. She is ultimately afraid that Yami will leave and forget.


Anzu is the official love interest in the show that doesn’t do much except make speeches. At least her speeches sound better in Japanese and they’re not always about friendship. Anzu is probably the most level-headed of the group. She never rushes into any situation without a plan. She’s also very selfless. Not to mention, she gives pretty good advice. She was able to convince Yami to face himself. She sees things in a long run that most of the other characters don’t. She saw very early that Yami would have to leave them eventually.

Signature Card

Saint Magician

Effect: When this card becomes face up, you retrieve one magic card from your graveyard.
ATK 300/DEF 400

Black Magician Girl

Effect: Increase this Monster’s attack strength by 300 for each [Black Magician] and [Magician of Black Chaos] in each player’s graveyard.
ATK 2000/DEF 1700