The Six Priests

The six priests were the backbone that supported Atemu’s rule. They were also essential to the security of the kingdom. Each of the priest held one of the other six Millennium Items.

Priest Set

Later Reincarnation: Kaiba Seto

Millennium Item: The Millennium Rod

Ka: Dios

Set is Atemu’s cousin, through their fathers who were brothers. Set is older than Atemu by at least two years. Personality-wise, he is cold and manipulative, much like the harsher version of Kaiba before DEATH-T and the Mind Crush. Yet, at the same time, he was not willing to give in completely to the most abase desires. He wouldn’t kill Kisara to get her Ka despite Akunadin’s constant urging. When he was later controlled by his father, it was Kisara that helped to break the control over his mind.

In the end, Atemu passes the Millennium Puzzle into Set’s care. The Millennium Puzzle had become a symbol of kingship and by passing it to Set, Atemu crowns Set as the new Pharaoh. Atemu’s reign is over and Set’s has just begun. Set will be left with the task of rebuilding both the court and the kingdom. His soul is guided by Kisara’s love and protection so it is hard to imagine how he would do anything but succeed.

Priest Mahaado

Later Reincarnation: None, not human at least

Millennium Item: The Millennium Ring

Ka: Magician of Illusions
Mahaado is the magician of the group. Thief Bakura had took his life in order to get the Millennium Ring. As a last attempt to defeat Bakura, Mahaado fused himself with his Ka, the Illusionary Magician (Magician of Illusions), and created the Black Magician we know now. His unwavering loyalty to the Pharaoh is his most distinctive trait.

Death: Episode 204
Mahaado is the first of the Priests to perish. When he escorts the mummy of of Atemu’s father back to his tomb, he knows full well he will never be returning to the palace again. He combines his soul (Ba) with his Ka to defeat Bakura’s Diabound. He is willing to pay any price to defeat Bakura, including his own life. His last words are: “Pharaoh, my soul will forever serve you.”

Priest Akunadin

Later Reincarnation: Malik and Isis’ father?

Millennium Item: Millennium Eye

Ka: Gadius
Akunadin is Priest Set’s father. He is also Atemu’s uncle. He was the one to prompt Pharaoh Akunumkanon, Atemu’s father, to create the seven Millennium Items at first. He kept the price of the 99 lives a secret from his older brother. He knew that Akunumkanon would have forbidden him if he had known. He was the first to don the Millennium Eye and continued to in Atemu’s reign. He never told Set that he was Set’s father. Akunadin left first made and wore the Item when Set was a very young child. When he returned, Set was afraid of his appearance. He became the guardian of the temple of the monster tablets. Akunadin always worked to support his son and it was his ultimate wish that Set could ascend to the throne. Yet somewhere along the way, Akunadin loses himself in the darkness.

Death: Episode 214
Akunadin is first killed by Set himself. However, in his physical death, he takes over Set’s mind. It is the Blue Eyes White Dragon, the spirit of Kisara, that finally defeats Akunadin within Set’s mind and frees Set’s mind. His last words are: “Impossible! Set!”

Priest Karim

Later Reincarnation: ???

Millennium Item: Millennium Scale

Not much is known about Karim’s personality or motives. He wields the Millennium Scale.

Death: Episode 213
Karim uses the power of his Millennium Scale to fuse Set’s (Dios) and his Ka (Curse of Dragon) into one Ka (Dios Dragon) to battle against Thief Bakura’s Diabound. He is injured by another Ka summoned by Bakura to undo the Ka Fusion. At the brink of death, Karim transfers the last of his Ba (life force of sorts) to Shada to better protect the Pharaoh. His last wish is from Pharaoh to free Set from the Dark Priest Akunadin. He reaches for Isis’ face but his hand never completes its journey.

Priestess Isis

Later Reincarnation: Isis Ishtar

Millennium Item: Millennium Torque

Isis is the seer for the Pharaoh and his priests. She uses her Millennium Torque to forsee the future and help safeguard the kingdom. There is limitations to her powers. She cannot see into the future of those directly involved with the Millennium Items.

Death: Episode 216
Isis sacrifices herself to take one last hit at Zork. She acts as distraction so that Atemu would be able to receive the Items being delivered by Mana. Her last words are: “Karim… Shada… I am sorry that I could not protect the Pharaoh. Mahaado…”

Priest Shada

Later Reincarnation: Shadii, when alive?

Millennium Item: Millennium Ankh

Shada is somewhat of a companion to Set. Set has Shada accompany him on his Ka hunt.

Death: Episode 215
Shada jumps in front of the Pharaoh and takes the strike of lightning that is meant for Atemu. His last words are: “Pharaoh… You are safe… I am glad.”