Seto Kaiba

Kaiba is the CEO of Kaiba Corporations. He has literally killed to get the company. Before the age of 15, he had managed to buy out most of the company’s stocks from under his adoptive father’s nose. As a result, Kaiba Gozaburo, Kaiba’s adoptive father, admitted defeat in this game of life and death he and Kaiba had played for years. He jumped out the window of the conference room, leaving the company in Kaiba’s hands.

Family Members

Kaiba was adopted by Kaiba Gozaburo when he was ten, along with Mokuba. His real parents had died years ago. His mother died giving birth to Mokuba and his father died in a car accident years later. When Gozaburo came to visit the orphanage, Kaiba had challenged Gozaburo, the Chess World Champion at the time, to a game of chess. If Kaiba won then Gozaburo would adopt both Kaiba and Mokuba. Needless to say, Kaiba won.

Deck Type

The point of a power deck is to crush the opponent as quickly and as humanly (or inhumanly in Kaiba’s case) as possible. He loads his deck with high attack power monsters, and magic cards and traps cards aimed to cripple the opponent. His most infamous combo in the start was his play of Deck Destruction Virus of Death (Crush Virus) in conjunction with a weaker monster card. The opponent immediately seizes the chance to destroy a weaker monster. The opponent’s deck is then infected by the virus and he/she becomes unable to summon any monster over 1500 attack points. This leaves the opponent virtually defenseless against Kaiba’s assault. His magic cards are also aimed to help summon more powerful monsters. His deck type remains the same throughout Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, and beyond.
Also called the Virus Combo Deck, though he only has two Virus-type Magic/Trap cards within the deck.

During the Duel World arc, you see Kaiba use more and more Dragon creature cards in addition to his Blue Eyes White Dragons. They begin to constitute a large part of his monster cards. Such cards include Spear Dragon, Twilight Zone Dragon, Spirit Dragon, and Emerald Dragon. There are also magic cards to support these new Dragon monsters, Dragon Rage being one example.

Past Life

Kaiba was one of the six other priests that wielded a Millennium Item besides the Pharaoh, the Priest Set. His was the Millennium Rod. Kaiba was also Yami’s cousin, on their fathers’ side. He was a prideful man, driven to win at any cost, very much like his father, the priest Akunadin. However, there were many essential differences as well. Set is, in some ways, much kinder than his modern day counterpart. The tragedies that shaped his earlier life were his father’s disappearance and his mother’s death. His treatment of Kisara would suggest a gentler and more loving side. He was not without is moral codes and lived to serve his cousin.

Love Interest

Kaiba doesn’t seem to have any interest in anyone thus far. As Priest Set, he had a soft spot for Kisara, the girl who housed the Ka of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, but her fate is a bleak one in the end.


Kaiba is the anti-hero of the story. He is, first and foremost, Yami’s rival. He is often perceived as a child genius. Well, he must be since he beat the Chess World Champion at the age of ten and invents a holographic projection system before the age of fifteen. He constantly thrives to be the best of the best. He hates losing above all. He can be a very vindictive person and completely unforgiving. We know he is not completely heartless. His concern and love for his younger brother is very clear. He is who he is as a result of many years withdrawn from normal social interaction with peers and Gozaburo’s training (the definition of ‘training’ depends on whether or not you think Gozaburo is a abusive and violent pedophile).

Signature Card

Blue Eyes White Dragons

ATK 3000/DEF 2500
Like Yami, Kaiba’s attraction to this card has roots in his past life. When Set was younger, he rescued a girl with ice blue hair and eyes from a wagon-cage. She was going to be sold as a slave. He protected her and ensured that she escaped on a horse and to freedom. When the slave traders came after Set, they burned his village to the ground. Set’s mother had died in that fire as a result. However, when the slave traders were about to harm Set, a brilliant white dragon appeared and obliterated the slave traders.

As the Priest Set, he had rescued a young woman named Kisara from the persecution of villagers. She was feared because of her pale complexion, white hair, and light blue eyes. Set discovered that she also housed an extremely powerful Ka, the White Dragon. Though Set wanted it, he learned that he could only gain its power after killing Kisara. He had not been willing to do that. Akunadin had less qualms about committing murder and had killed her when she tried to protect Set. When she died, Set was finally able to gain the power of the White Dragon. However, he was also being controlled by Akunadin and fought Atemu under false pretenses. It was the memory of Kisara and her spirit that helped him to find his way back.

In the present life, the Blue Eyes White Dragon is the ultimate symbol of power to Kaiba. Mokuba was able to inspire and motivate his brother with just the image of this card. The Blue Eyes White Dragon was the representation of all the qualities Kaiba sought in himself and others: strength, loyalty, love, and power.

Lord of Dragons

Effect: All Dragon-Type monsters are not affected by Magic Cards, Trap Cards, or other effects while this card is face-up on the field.
ATK 1200/DEF 1100

Kaiser Seahorse

Effect: If this Monster is used in a Tribute-Summon to Summon a Light-Type Monster, this Monster counts as 2 Sacrifices.
ATK 1750/DEF 1650