Rishid is the right-hand man to Malik in the Ghouls. He helps to gather the Puzzle Cards Malik needs to enter the Semi-Finals and willingly masquerades as his master. His devotion and loyalty to Malik is complete and unwavering. If Malik was the devil, then Rishid would be the devil’s advocate. His loyalty to Malik originates from both the promise he made to the Lady Ishtar to protect her children and his guilt about his inability to save Malik from receiving the inscriptions of the Pharaoh’s Memories.

He follows Malik on his quest to kill the Pharaoh, even though he knew it was wrong. He does very little to question any of Malik’s orders, except maybe that whole fake God Card deal in his duel. Rishid’s influence is what keeps Malik’s alter ego in check. When the fake Ra card knocked out Rishid, Malik’s evil side managed to re-emerge.

Family Members

It is unknown who Rishid’s real parents were. The Lady Ishtar (for lack of a better name) had found Rishid near the well that lead to the underground city of the Tombkeepers. She treated him like her own son, and when she and her husband couldn’t produce an heir, she said he could get the Pharaoh’s Memory inscribed on his back. However, before that could happen, Isis was born. A few years after that Malik came into the world, and his father was ecstatic. He had never considered Rishid to be part of the family anyway, just a lowly servant. Rishid had always been grateful to his adoptive mother who had shown him so much love. When she died he promised to take care of her two children. He kept his word. When Malik and Isis had left their underground city, he took the punishment for them. In the end, he is able to live happily with both Isis and Malik as a family.

Deck Type

Rishid’s deck consists almost entirely of trap and magic cards. Even if he doesn’t have any monsters on the field, he sets enough trap cards to not only take a chunk out of your lifepoints, regenerate his own, and special summon a few monsters, all in one turn. Good cards to have when facing this guy? A few Mystical Space Tycoons, Trundas, Despells, and a Jinzo or two on the field. That is if this man’s magic and trap combos haven’t already rendered your moves useless. This truly shows you never to underestimate the power of trap and magic cards.

Love Interest

Some say Isis. Some say Malik. Of course, there isn’t really any evidence to support these or any others. Have fun trying to match this guy up with someone in fandom.