Other Characters

Mutou Sugoroku

American Dub: Solomon Moto

Age: 72

Height: 151 cm (4’9″)

Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)

Birthdate: Oct. 4

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Blood Type: O

Sugoroku is Yugi’s grandfather and gave the Millennium Puzzle to Yugi in the first place. He is the owner of the Kame Game Shop (Turtle Game Shop). Throughout both the anime and manga, his greatest role is he is the one thing Yugi fights to protect from the very beginning. In the manga, it appears as if he had been searching for the rightful owner of the Millennium Puzzle for years. For those of you whom have played Forbidden Memories, here’s a little spoiler. Sugoroku is actually the reincarnation of Shimon Mura, whom was a trusted advisor of Yami’s past incarnation as Pharaoh and the owner of the Millennium Ankh before it was passed onto Shadii. Don’t ask about the blue skin… I’m just as confused about that as you…



Shadii is a mysterious Egyptian who is the guardian of the Millennium Items. He also guards the Pharaoh’s Memory, a sarcophagus shaped tablet that was the mold for the Items. It was Shadii who gave Pegasus the Millennium Eye once the millionaire had passed the Eye’s test. (If Pegasus had failed and was not the one destined to wield the Eye, he would have gone insane or worse.) Shadii also helped Pegasus and his men sneak past the Tomb Keepers and take photographs of the ancient carvings/tablet depicting the Duel Monsters. Pegasus used this information to ‘create’ Duel Monsters, including the legendary God Cards. It was his appearance in Malik’s home that caused the young Egyptian to start his road to vengeance. As can be seen, Shadii has a hand in many events that take place. Shadii uses the Millennium Ankh, and also has the Millennium Scales still embedded in the Pharaoh’s Memory. Some wonder if he is alive at all, or if he is a spirit of one of the Pharaoh’s former Priests. In the end, he is the first to instigate any attack upon Yami Yugi so one must wonder where his loyalties really lie.

As of episode 218, Shadii uses the power of the Millennium Ankh and the Millennium Scale to take possession of Hasan’s dead body. He uses it to protect Atemu from a blast from Zork. Shadii appears to be defeated indefinitely in this episode. He does not die without leaving some influence behind. He reminds Atemu the importance of the “Light of Hope.”

Nosaki Miho

Appears only in the manga and the first anime series.
Honda has a crush on Miho in both the manga and the first series of the anime.

Kawai Shizuka

American Dub: Serenity Wheeler

This innocent and sweet girl is the younger sister of Jounouchi Katsuya. When their parents split, she went with their mother and has never been able to contact her brother until very recently. She was born with a degenerative eye disease that slowly and surely robbed her of her sight. The operation that was needed to save her vision was costly, so Jounouchi competed in Duelist Kingdom to use the prize money for her surgery. Though he only came in second, Yugi gave him the required money so Shizuka’s sight was saved.

She also looks up to her big brother, much like Kaiba Mokuba does to Kaiba Seto. Shizuka gets her courage from him, and supports him whenever she can. Being the pretty and kind girl that she is, Shizuka has two boys trying to win her affections, Honda Hiroto and Otogi Ryuuji.

Deck Master

Goddess with Third Eye
Effect: You can subtitute this card for any 1 Fusion-Material Monster. You cannot substitue for any other Fusion-Material Monsters in the current Fusion
ATK 1200/DEF 1000

Arthur Hopkins

Appears in the anime and one shot in the manga.

Dub Name: Arthur Hawkins

Arthur is an archaeologist who is especially interested in a ancient Egypt. He was the first to theorize that Duel Monsters was a game played in ancient Egypt and that it was simply recreated by Pegasus. His colleagues mostly laughed at his theory but he was not discouraged. He is also a good friend of Sugoroku’s and was the one who gave Yugi’s grandfather the Blue Eyes White Dragon that Kaiba later rips up. The two have been through several excavations together years ago.

He never gave up on his theory. When he and his team discover the ruins of a city underwater, he immediately brings the news back to Yugi in Japan. The pictographs found in the ruins told of a disaster that destroyed the city and sunk it. Arthur believes these ruins are none other than that of the legendary city of Atlantis. These ruins are inevitably connected with Duel Monsters and the catastrophe that threatened to destroy Egypt in Yami’s time, one that is now carried over into this modern age. Arthur becomes the essential link between the past and now for Yugi and Yami.

Rebecca Hopkins

Appears only in the anime.

American Dub Name: Rebecca Hawkins

Age: 12

Title(s): American Junior League Champion

Ranking(s): N/A

Rebecca is Arthur’s granddaughter, as well as a child genius and prodigy at Duel Monsters. She is the Champion of the American Junior Division in the game. She’s quite bratty and selfish at first, believing that Sugoroku had cheated her grandfather out of the prized Blue Eyes White Dragon. Yugi and Arthur eventually help to straighten her out. Yugi even gives her the Ties of Friendship card he won from Duelist Kingdom. Rebecca is content to leave after that.

We meet her again about a year later, after Battle City, when Yami is attempting to recover his memories. She returns to Japan along with her grandfather to tell Yugi about Arthur’s discovery of the Undersea Ruins (Atlantis). She has matured a great deal in that past year, revealing that she is now attending a university and plans to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps. (No more Teddi-chan!) She’s still temperamental and quick to act, but is still as precocious as ever. It also seems that she has a crush on Yugi. She proves herself to be an asset in Yami and Yugi’s quest to defeat DOOM. She is also the first to despair when Yugi is lost to the enemy.