Malik Ishtar

Malik belongs to a tribe of Egyptian Tomb Keepers whose duty is to protect the Nameless Pharaoh’s tomb. They live in an underground city and are forbidden to have any contact with the outside world. He was never comfortable with his life and always wished he were a normal boy. At the age of 10, he was forced to have the Pharaoh’s Memory (Ancient Scriptures is what they used on the American version) craved into his back.

One day he managed to convince his older sister, Isis, to take him into a nearby town. There he fell in love with the outside world and vowed to return someday. When they returned home they discovered that their father had found out about their forbidden trip. He was punishing Rishid, and that was when Malik’s alter ego emerged. His alter ego took the Millennium Rod and used it to kill his father. When his normal self emerged, he saw Shadii appear and say, “Prepare for the Pharaoh’s return.” Malik assumed that it was the Pharaoh who murdered his father, and he promised to destroy the Pharaoh in revenge. He left his home and started a criminal group called the Ghouls. A branch of the Ghouls, called the Rare Hunters, challenge duelists and take their rarest cards. He also recovers the two god cards: Ra no Yoku Shin Ryu (Winged Dragon of Ra in dubs) and Oshirisu no Tenkuu Ryu (Slyfer the Sky Dragon in English, though that isn’t the real translated name at all!). With his mind controlled servants and masses of rare and powerful cards, he goes to Battle City to defeat Yami Yugi and obtain the power of the Millennium Puzzle.

Family Members

His mother died giving birth to him. He was mainly raised by Rishid and his sister, Isis. His father was a brutal and cruel man, bordering on insanely abusive. He killed his father when he was ten, though he believed it to be the Pharaoh’s doing for the longest time.

Love Interest

Take your pick! I personally go for the hurt/comfort dynamic inherent in a MalikxBakura (not Yami Bakura) coupling.

Signature Card

Ra the Winged Dragon

ATK ????/DEF ????
Ra is the God Card that Malik favors over Osiris. One reason may be that he is trying to outshine Yami Yugi (more closely related to Osiris in my opinion). He is seeking to prove himself in many ways, to be worthy and superior to others.

Revival Jam

Effect: When this card is sent to the Gravyard as a result of battle, you can Special Summon this cards in face-up defense Position at your next Standby Phase by paying 1000 Life Points. This must must be declared when the monster is destroyed. You cannot change it position during the same turn it is Special Summon in this way.

Those Damn Slime (Jam) Cards

Malik has quite a number of these Slime cards. He seems to especially favor the Rive Slime.