Mai Valentine

Mai is one of the few female duelists in the series. At least she’s good at what she does. She is a confident and self-assertive young woman. Yugi-tachi first meet her in Duelist Kingdom. She pretends to have psychic power, especially the power to predict what card she has drawn. It is a clever intimidation tactic that blinds many a duelists. Jounouchi was able to overcome it and defeat Mai in his first battle in Duelist Kingdom. She had been fighting for superficial reasons at first but soon learns to take pride in her own skills.

Though she separated from Yugi-tachi after Duelist Kingdom, she returns in Battle City. In Battle City, she continues to struggle to reach Yugi’s and Jounouchi’s standards. Her battle with Yami Malik proves to be fatal. Not only does she lose the duel, she also loses herself to the darkness of the Punishment Game. It is what sets her along the dark path that leads her to join side with the DOMA organization.

Family Members

The dub cut out flashbacks regarding Mai’s past from episode 12 (Trial By Red Eyes). These flashbacks seem to suggest that Mai’s parents may have died when she was very young. It may explain why she was working as a card dealer on luxuries cruise ships for so long.

Love Interest

Jounouchi and Mai! This coupling is so obvious you’d have to be brain dead not to notice it. In fact, the series almost seems to continually hit you over the head with some not so subtle hints. They do make a cute couple.

There’s also Varon. Varon shows an obvious interest in Mai in the DOOM arc. How she feels about him in return is not so well known.

Signature Card

Harpie Lady

ATK 1300/DEF 1400
The Harpie Lady is taken out of Greek mythology. The Harpies were, at one point in early Greek myth, described as beautiful winged maiden. As time progressed, they became creatures with the head and the chest of a woman, and the lower body, wings, and claws of a bird of prey. They were fierce, ill-tempered, and filthy. There were three Harpy sisters, as shown later by the card, Harpie Lady Sisters.

Mai is not an ugly or unattractive woman but she may have a few esteem issues. The Harpies on the card are not entirely foul-looking as one would imagine from the myth. The card may refer to the earlier form of the Harpy before they gained a reputation for ugliness within and without.